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Export & Import Agency Services

In the field of Australia-China bilateral trade, We are specialized in carrying out import and export procedures on behalf of businesses and manufacturers, which involve our activities of:
● preparing export or import documentation
● arranging pick-up and loading of shipments
● arranging sea or air freight at origin
● arranging customs clearance at both origin and destination
● arranging inland transportation and delivery to clients’ door at destination as per the terms and conditions agreed upon.

Distribution and Agency Services

We provide distribution or agency services to businesses and manufacturers for Australian and Chinese goods and services in the other’s market place on exclusive basis or non-exclusive basis. We welcome all enquiries and discussions about potential co-operations in this area of business.

Buying Agency Services

We help Australian or Chinese businesses in sourcing products in China or in Australia on the basis of non-conflict of interest. Confidentiality and commercial secretes are guaranteed at all times.

International Trade Consultancy Services

We provide consultancy services to international businesses or manufacturers in regard to product suitability, marketing and advertising strategies, sales strategies, promotional strategies, investment strategies and feasibility studies, etc.

Representative Services for Businesses and Manufacturers

We provide representative services to businesses and manufacturers of Australia and China in the other’s market place. Non-conflict of interest is absolutely guaranteed. We provide services such as market studies, liaising and negotiations, policy alerts and guidance, resolution and strategies for crisis. We will help your business open the door to the market of Australia or China.

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