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Our Mission

The mission of Australia International Resources Group (AIRG) is to provide our customers with quality and cost-effective products and services through our hard work and diligent professional services on the basis of a mutual beneficial and win-win policy.

Our Belief

We believe in mutual trust and mutual win. We trust our customers and clients and care about their success. We also believe our success relies on good cooperation and trust from our customers and clients, and we shall ensure they get equal wins in all their business deals with us.

Overview of Our Business

Our business is mainly to source and supply food products, building materials, coal and ores.

Food products - We supply Australian made quality food products, such as wines, fruit juices, dairy goods, olive oils, honey, meet products, etc., and would like to do our best to let our consumers in other parts of the world know more about Australia and Australian people through their enjoyment of Australian made food products. We are also in a position to source and supply similar products from other developed countries, such as UK, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, USA, Canada, New Zealand, etc., to satisfy our customers' particular needs.

Building materials - We supply building materials, including but not limited to, steel and aluminium doors and windows, roller shutters and other metal materials, cement, door and window glass, etc. for projects in Australia and abroad.

Steaming (thermal) and coking Coal - We source and supply steaming (thermal) and coking coals for power plants, cement plants and iron and steel plants at home and abroad.

Iron ore and manganese ore – We source and supply iron ore and manganese ore for iron and steel plants.

Silicon metal – We supply a variety of silicon metals produced from factories in China to a number of industries all over the world.

Scrap metals – We source and supply scrap metals such as iron, steel, brass, copper, and aluminium.

Base oil – We source and supply base oils in bulk, produced in US, Russia, Taiwan, etc. to the lubricant industry.

Paper and pulp – we source and supply paper and pulp made in New Zealand, Canada, US, Russia, Germany, Finland, etc.

We also provide consultancy, agency and representative services to businesses and manufacturers both in Australia and in China, which are aiming to help promote, sell or distribute their products and services, or to make investments, set up joint ventures, etc., in the each other's country.

Our Advantage

We have a work force comprising of professionals who have profound industry knowledge, in-depth experience, excellent skills, as well as effective networks and contacts, which are all important factors to make our business a success.

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